6.2 Authority of Assertions

As shown above, the LinkResourceAndWorkMessage contains one or more AssertedLink composites. Each of these links can be asserted by different parties at different points in time as communicated in an AssertedLink/Assertion composite (also depicted above).

As mentioned above and as shown in the diagrams, each such assertion is made by a party, the identity of which is communicated in the Assertion/Asserter composite. This asserter may well differ from the actual sender of the LinkResourceAndWorkMessage.

The LinkResourceAndWorkMessage was not conceived to enable the communication of information that provides an indication of the level of authority (that is, the reliability) that the recipient of a LinkResourceAndWorkMessage should construe as to the validity of the AssertedLink contained in a LinkResourceAndWorkMessage. Therefore, it is entirely up to the recipient of the LinkResourceAndWorkMessage to assess the authority of the received information by means other than solely through the exchange of the LinkResourceAndWorkMessage.